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    Lower prices on LI adds, lower pressure to get them - store push may be driving some players away

    The new system for legendary items takes far too much of a grind to really keep apace for any who has more than one character. Some people get bored with only one character. Now the problem is for rare drops that are needed for enhancing legendary items more are needed. The price has not gone down in the store so that the amount of grinding to not get something completed is mind numbing and it takes away from the game. Some people are paying all they can and the mindless grind is not any fun.

    One person observed that the push on items from the store and the direction of the game perks being pushed has been since level cap 85 and that the player based has seriously eroded since then also. Yep!

    This seems to have the impact have having more store items pushed and the game slanted to where it can become increasingly expensive or numbing, if not both.

    Some point out a problem since free to play happened. On that I will seriously disagree. Many of the free to play people are humble and not so presumption laden and work for what they get and bring a bright spot in the day of the paying players. How many paying players would have left if not for the free players? Having people we enjoy to be around helps.

    There is a problem when it gets into status and people being judged for their equipment and some who are even VIP getting things said about their gear. That someone can pay at the store to have advantage leads to an inequity in the game that can undermine community morale. Community morale has already been undermined. That someone who can spend $40 a month to get turbine points to have clear advantage can cause issues. I have not often seen free players have others feel cruddy about their equipment. They worked for what they get and aren't paying to be rude players. That any class distinction can be set up by money can set up some in game issues for how people get along.

    Now I understand the devs here are maybe pushed by 'bean counters' to add stuff that the store will happen to enhance. At the same time, when the player base of the game starts leaving that leaves less overall income for the game. If there is push on this from higher up, tell them maybe a balance would be a good idea so the game can attract more new players and keep those already here. Simple math. 100,000 players averaging $10 a month spent is a heap lot more than 1,000 players spending an average of $50 a month.

    I may be missing some crucial points here, but can someone who is getting pressure from upstairs tell upstairs exactly how it works with real people? When there are fewer people playing and some of that is correlated with store sales push and store in game enhancements or grind your brain out it does not make for a happy community. Yes, the timing of the movie releases did impact the game numbers of course. After that, even with new games coming out, people did not leave this game until they were pretty miffed with changes.

    Miffed? YES! My servers last two reps to the players council are no longer playing the game because they were on the council. One said that 'the devs got to the point they refused to listen'. There are people who are meant to speak on behalf of the average player and they left because of how they felt the listening process was dealt with, one specifically over LI's and amount of grind needed to get those 'otherwise store bought goodies'.

    If seems all the bean counting is resulting in fewer beans to count. With many happy players staying at this game maybe need for store bought goodies may not be needed for extra profit so much in each update if the overall picture is seen. Lower the prices at the store as the amount of items required keeps going up. If you ask someone who is paying a monthly fee already to pay another $20-40 a month to keep up with people who have extra cash to throw away of course they will leave. If free players who keep many vip around because frankly some of them are a hoot also leave as they simply can not keep apace, you can expect a flock leaving and there will not be any beans left to count.

    What i am talking about is an overall environment where casual is lost and grind grind grind and my stuff is better than yours leaves the game work and bad feelings and who the heck really wants to pay for that?

    This could come across as scathing and that is not meant to be the point.
    Some really nice changes have been made in the game with much thought put toward easing senseless game play bogs. It would be sad if these are lost to people who have been so numbed they can not appreciate the difference. When people who are considered the nicest people, the most loyal to the game, and best known to their servers so that they become players council members leave over these issues maybe it is time to resolve the issues.

    Just a thought. Lower store prices and lower behind the scene store push (one starlit crystal 500 tp and 8 for next LI change? and how many empowerments now?)
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    Just because you CAN add a bunch of starlits and empowerments to your items doesn't mean you HAVE to. There is no content in the game that requires you or your fellowship members to have maxed out items in order to have a chance of beating it. If Turbine allowed you to add 500 starlits to your weapon and do 8200 dps, would you feel obliged to do that? I hope not. On my LM I'm still running around with my 95 second age staff and my 85 first age book. I'm fine doing 100 landscape quests, BBs (solo and group) and roving threats. Haven't tried Osgiliath yet, but from what I hear it's not super difficult. Don't complain about the hamster wheel... just get off it.

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    Yes these things are "optional", but it is true that the store is relentlessly pushed, and often pops up in places where it isn't wanted nor needed. And that just makes Turbine's marketing strategy look distasteful. I don't need my screen to be spammed every time I gain a few silver telling me to expand my wallet, or a little ugly store icon floating over the top of the heads of enemies in a zone I haven't purchased yet.

    Honestly, the one thing that turns me off to LOTRO more than anything (and that says a lot, considering I am pretty disenchanted by sub-par graphics, though that's not a can of worms I want to open right now), is the incessant pushing of the store. I don't like paying for bits and pieces of a game. I don't like microtransactions. I really, really vehemently dislike them. And VIP, while it may alleviate the harassment, doesn't solve the problem. The store itself is the problem. For a game that seems to have a community which prizes immersion, I'm surprised more people aren't irked by this.

    Bottom line, I like LOTRO- but Turbine in general should probably do some self-reflection on how they choose to do things. There is a right way to insert a shop, a benign way to insert a shop, and a wrong way. The LOTRO shop strokes just past "wrong" for me.



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