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    Legendary Level Cap Increase?

    I noticed one of the items available for adding on the Legendary Pack is the Legendary Level Cap Increase.

    What is that exactly? Is that different from the normal level cap increase or does that have to do with LI's?

    (I am guessing LI's but just want to be sure)

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    It's most likely Scroll of Delving.

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    I would like to know as well because for 40 USD it is extremely expensive to buy scroll of delvings.....

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    It will be the same item you can buy from the store: A Scroll of Delving without level restrictions.

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    Its the store name for Scrolls of Delving

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    Yeah, I would like to see a little more details explaining the Legendary pack before I shell out the money.

    As it is, this part here "Hollywood Movie Money® ticket is valid for up to $13.00 total at any participating theater in the U.S." tells me that only a few theater chains will accept the ticket, so even if you live in the US, chances are you'll be stuck with a useless ticket
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    LI level cap

    They should increase it +10 levels just for buy the extra pack and then enable the scroll of delving for another +10. OOOoooh, that would be great! LOL, yeah that's gonna happen. I also agree re: the movie ticket, should list those theaters willing to accept the voucher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redgold9 View Post
    Yeah, I would like to see a little more details explaining the Legendary pack before I shell out the money.
    What more info do you need? It contains a bunch of existing store items, nothing fancy. Basically all you need to unlock the full potential of a single Legendary Item (still need the right legacies and empowerment scrolls).
    The only that I find a bit strange is that I don't see any mention of these bonuses being granted to all characters on a account. Though given the heavy price tag attached I assume they just considered that as too obvious to mention.

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    LI Cap

    In absence of info from LOTRO, has anyone bought the pack and can confirm what the level cap means, assuming it is applied on purchase?

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    Looks like QuartermasterU posted something about this:


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    Thanks Catoma, and they want $40 for it? Whew.



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