I do not really wish to dwell on things that are unlikely to have a decent result, but in this case it SHOULD have a real end result in terms of how the new system works.
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Third party information + one side of the account + No actual witness (other than those that got banned) = Not something you want to bet on
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Perfectly describes the reason for Community Guideline #13
The reason I bring this up is because I WAS THERE, what's more I sent a ticket (ban appeal) from the turbine site and explained what happened from my perspective. I would also like to think that as someone who has played for a while now and has some mid ranked characters I have somewhat of a legit opinion as well.

I was on my Warg and 1v1ed the burg like 4 times as well, won 1 time lost 3 I think (those burgs crits, I know them all too well ^^)
Then during a fight between the warg and the burglar, burg suddenly started lagging so the warg stopped attacking. He lagged cuz he got banned for 1v1ing at that point. Then me and the other warg, rather shocked went to check things at Orc Camp which was being camped by about 10 freeps or so. While the warg was mapping to gtr after being killed he went LD aaaand you can imagine the reason why that happened.

This honestly raises another question, when am I considered a witness in this? How can I make my statement noticed? I sent the ticket/appeal when this happened - last Saturday. Reply should come in after 2-4 business days I believe, or not.