Its that time of year again when the game population drops, people are tired of killing the same people, running the same content and the Lotro drama hits another all time high. On that note, this is my little attempt to channel my own personal frustrations into something constructive instead of yet another CAPSLOCK YELLING MATCH OVER OOC.

1. Cross Server PVMP - this was an idea that was rumored to be buzzing around leading into helm's deep. This would be an amazing change. The biggest problem with our sandbox is the sand gets old and crusty. We are all out there trying to have fun, usually in a competitive spirit hoping for renown/infamy, victories but most importantly bragging rights. Unfortunately there comes to a point on every server that the hens have pecked at each other enough and sorted out where on the ladder we all stand. Whether it comes from the 1v1's, who has the toughest tribe/kin or who is the best raid leader. Fighting new people every week/fortnight/month would solve so much monotony.

I'm sure there would be huge issues with getting this system off the ground. Would the servers be able to handle that many people on a map? Would we need a specific map for the cross server fights? How many servers do we pin against each other? Do we pair similar sized servers against/with each other? How do we deal with player that have the same name? The list goes on and on and on......But that's not the point, this one change would make a huge difference to the Moors.

Let us test our mettle against each others best toons.

2. Base Renown/Infamy Gain on Rank - Please allow rating to be the meaningless stat it should be. Make killing a high ranked creep/freep worth the effort, and make the 1-3 shotting a no audacity freep/creep worth the effort you put in for the kill.

3. Cosmetic Weapon Skins For Creeps - A sure fire money maker for turbine, and something to give our creeps a bit of individuality, win win for everyone. I'd love my reaver to always run out with dual axes, or rusty kitchen knives. A defiler with blackened staff, or even whipping around a halberd. Throw some skins in the store rake in the turbine points and enjoy the happy customers.

4. A designated area for 1v1s/organised fights. This is a contentious issue, and I game with people that fall on either side of the argument. However, a designated area will solve many of the problems. Easily monitored by players/GMs to make sure people within are legit fighting and not farming. Any suspiciously organised fights/fight clubbing that happen outside the area are more easily recognised as farming. Tough thing to put in place and surely would not go off without hitch. Would this happen in server specific arena instances (or would this simply encourage farming?)? Do we implement random matchmaking in the arena setting or is it still open world sort of a small second map? Could the instances be cross server? Or do we just make an obvious place a plant it well out of the way of people roaming the map for fighting?

There are many more areas that people have been asking to be addressed, such as balance (which has had much more attention lately and is closer now than it has been in previous expansions). New creep class, this is more just for a shake up than anything and I'm sure implementing cross server Pvmp would quieten this least for a few weeks.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts on trying to improve our love/hate relationship with Pvmp, particularly with a new lineup of MMOs hitting the market early next year.