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    Please! Someone help me with this bug!

    I just started a human hunter and a bug is happening in the quest "Intro: Signs and Portents", the quest tells me to use the bedroll, i did that and a cinematic starts but after a few seconds the screen go black and nothing happens, if i hit "esc" the menu show up and if i chose to skip the cinematic i dont get the quest done, i think this is an class quest so if i dont get done i will not progress!

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    This is a completely optional quest. You may progress without it.

    Note that this is not a cinematic. It actually ports your character around. If you have a slow computer, it may take a while to load each "scene."

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    Ok! Thank You! If this is an optional quest i ill just skip it, i tought it was an class quest because i got from an npc named "hunter".

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    This quest basically sends you through a couple of "dreams" that show future events. Many levels in the future you will be involved in quests that you will recognize if you had the dreams. The dreams don't give you any benefit. They just make you think "Whoa, this quest was the one I dreamed about".

    Have fun!
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    They are kind of previews of what can be seen in the end game phase, when playing the basic game until Angmar (the screeching witch king on the balcony of Carn Dum), or the expansions Mines of Moria (bridge over the gap), Isengard (Tower of Orthanc), and Riders of Rohan (Meduseld, although in RoR the players can only pay a very short visit there)

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