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    @Organised Fights

    I would like to give my thanks to everyone that participated in these organised fights (GvG) at old ec today. I hope more of these may happen in the future, much respect to Caileen and Sinnx for arranging these events, and I hope by giving others this idea it may be able to decrease the scale of only raid v raid action, and instead introduce smaller group fights with the two group leaders communicating with one another about balancing the scales of battle. I most certainly enjoyed this (I played on both sides) and I would love this to become a new addition to our servers pvp.

    In future if this were to be a possible idea, the following arrangements would need to be discussed...

    How many per side? (This may vary from fight to fight; if one side got heavily beaten another creep/freep could be added to the losing side.)
    What time?
    Who would lead on each side?

    In my opinion, at least one of these should happen every week, to help encourage fairer fights and discourage mindless zerging. I hope these future fights can be arranged, I feel we will all benefit from it and both sides will be challenged and have fun simultaneously

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    It was a great evening/afternoon of fighting the time i was on. Sinnx and Mrdingleberry were great to talk to on the creep side and we managed to get quite even fights. As the groups grow, it became a bit more unorganized, but I think we still manage to keep the original thought.

    We basically did what Adulla proposed a while ago, started small, then it grew, when i left it was 7vs7, with fluctuations the whole time.

    Thanks all who participated, both on creep and freep side.
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