I think I can speak for more than a few people when I say that the new anti-farming policy (which I am very happy exists now) is a little confusing and leaves a few grey areas. I would like the next 20 questions that you guys release to include at least a few clarifications so we know exactly what is allowed and what isn't. For example, does a 1v1 count as farming? Are we allowed to hold back skills in 1v1s to better challenge ourselves or make a fight more balanced? What about being afk in the moors and being killed without being able to fight back. What if I'm roleplaying a suicidal elf and kill myself after a close, well-fought 1v1 because I just killed the reaver that slaughtered my wife and now I want to pass on to the shores of Valinor or whatever?

With people reporting bans for 1v1ing, I think it's fair to the pvp community to know what exactly is considered rank farming in the eyes of the Customer Service at Turbine. After all, rank farmers got a free pass because it wasn't against the rules, I think you should do solo'rs a solid and clarify the rule before anyone else gets banned.