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    Remmenaeg's Armor

    Does anyone know how 'rare' a drop Remmenaeg's Armor is? We recently completed the complete Fornost instance series, including defeating Remmenaeg, and did not get the armor drop. We're just wondering how many times we'll have to do him in order to get the armor. Does it matter what level we run the instance at? If it drops for one in the group, does it drop for all? I do see that the armor is barterable at a skirmish camp, but we'd rather get it for completing the instance.
    Thanks for any help!

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    I don't believe it drops at all anymore. It was removed from the loot list and placed in the skirm camp along with the other stuff that used to drop there.

    If it's any use, I beat Fornost once before it was separated into wings, and the Shadow wing 2 or 3 times since then, and no armor drops for me or anyone else.

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    Back in the good old days, before the armor set was moved to the skirm camp for a low price, the drop wasn't "that rare" as long as you made it to the final boss. I may be wrong, but every time I did it back then, it dropped. I know there have been quite a few updates involving fornost since then, however to answer your question, I don't believe it drops from the instance anymore (Simply go to the skirm camp I guess.)

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    I am pretty sure I saw it in the skirm camp and you can just barter for it with marks and/or medallions. I want to say it is the the Classic guy who has all the barter items for Fornost and other instances.



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