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There is no such distinction.

A Cappy of ANY build can use ANY of the Brother skills, whenever they need to. And in fact the Brother Skill should be chosen situationaly, so that the Cappy is assisting the person most in need of it at the time.

The revamp kills that dead. The very role Captains were designed to fill - On Demand Utility Support - will, in effect, be denied to them.

Cappies will become 3rd string Tanks (behind Grd and Wrd), 3rd string Healers (behind Mini and RK) and 6th String DPS (behind Hunter, RK, Mini, Burg, LM and Champion).

As they won't be 1st or 2nd string anything the only selling point left is "utility", and that has been destroyed.

All The Best
I was afraid that it could happen, but I have faith on RockX! He can make us even more awesome than we are. (I already love to be a captain )