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    happy about this crafting xp

    I don't know when this happened - maybe while I was away? Now I can finally farm veggies and get my captain to lvl 20 - I just could not handle that scruffy looking fellow following her around - sex change, here we come! After that, I am leaving the fields to my scholar - it's adventure for me!
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    It started with Rohan & well it have its advantages & disadvantage. At least player don't have to flip a coin anymore to choose to raise crafting tier but stay same level or go kill stuffs to level up.

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    Bounder Rewards

    Outrider's Tokens (+25% xp gain on Monster Kills and Crafting=100 Bounders Tokens) and Universal Crafting Toolkits (+20% Critical Success/-3sec duration=30 Bounder's Tokens), available in M.Delving are also nice.. 100% xp Crafting Boost Scrolls (30 Bounders Tokens ea.) are also a boon!



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