It's been twelve years since the attack on the World Trade Center, and because of it, everyone will always have horrible memories of that day. My thoughts and heart go out to those who lost loved ones during the attack, and my the souls lost rest in peace. But, for a select few of us, this day has extra importance. Three years ago today, a dear friend was ripped from this Earth well before his time. So while you pray, hope, mourn, and cry for those lost in the World Trade Center, please save some of those thoughts for remembering a great man. Rekka may not have been the best warg, the best player, and people may have bashed him for his tactics or his strategies. But one thing that no one can deny, was that he was the best. Rekka didn't discriminate, he was always happy to lend a helping paw to anyone that needed it, invited anyone and everyone to his groups, whether you were a complete noob or a seasoned veteran. He was a strong leader, made fun raids, and brought a sense of comraderie back to the moors that hadn't been seen since OoN was the big name on creepside. Rekka brought fun back to the game for many of us, and that was enough to keep us all happy. And then he was taken from us, and Vilya became a little darker for it.

My brother, you were a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a leader, a teacher and one of the best friends a warg could ask for. Rest in peace, Rekka, and know that all of Vilya still misses you every day, and we hope you're chasing Hobbits in the big Keep in the sky.