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    1v1s = farming?? What is the criteria now?

    So, two of my good friends were 1v1-ing at ggrim (Crickhollow's designated 1v1 area) and in the middle of their 1v1, boom, they both got banned for 7 days for rank farming. They both filed tickets, emailed several times, demanding explanation. I did the same. I turned tickets in in-game and online to assure those two people are legit players and are not even close to farmers. It's been 3 days and their ban is not getting lifted. Even after one of the friends who got banned demanded detailed explanation from Turbine on what exactly triggered the ban, no clear responses... How would we know what to avoid from now? Can we not 1v1 anymore?? It was a daily, casual, friendly 1v1 between friends. We are all in Raidcall, and we fight until death (some of us lag like crazy, so we stop, if the other is not fighting back). We follow the strictest rules of no CDs, no morale pots, and not even debuff pots if one is lower rank, to make the 1v1 more interesting and challenging (burgs and wargs 1v1 without stealth, if they have good sportsmanship). It is a form of sports within PVMP when the action is dead or it's just massive zerg out. One of the main reasons why I love pvmp is because of 1v1s. 1v1s are the true test of your skills. Everyone and anyone can zerg, it's no brainer. Not everyone can 1v1 well.

    The responses my friends got were:

    (1) Turbine looked into their 1v1s and they claim their decision to ban my friends are warranted.
    (2) They were watching the 1v1 and they noticed one of them was not fighting back fully.

    These two people are high ranked players: one is a Rank 11 Burg, another is a Rank 12 Warg. The burg is probably the second best on Crickhollow, the warg is the best on our server. I've known both of them for a long time, and they have never farmed, and they will never farm. They are highly skilled players who can go out solo, charge into a zerg and get a kill before dying. No need to farm.

    I do highly respect the decision Turbine has made to finally ban rank farming. Thank you for that. I am a Rank 12 Captain, highest ranked captain on our server and I hate farmers. I've earned every single renown legitimately and respect others who have done the same. I actively call out farmers when I witness suspicious activities, and I've even made a forum about a repeated farmer in the past, before the time rank farming was officially against the code of conduct.

    My friends also noticed that they got banned after two other players passed by them. Those two players are known 1v1 gankers. Very, very famous for it. I've even heard those people ask in OOC, where the 1v1s? then show up with a group and zerg all 1v1-ers. Pitiful pvmp players. My friends believe that those two players who 'personally hate' 1v1s, submitted an intentionally illhearted, false report to put my friends into trouble.

    What I would like to know are:

    (1) Are we not supposed to 1v1 anymore? Because the two people who got banned are as legit as a pvmp player can be. If their 1v1 is bannable material, what 1v1 is not?

    (2) How was Turbine watching the 1v1? Across the servers when there are so many 'actual' farmers out there in the delving, behind the rocks near Isendeep, away from all activities (definitely, not in the middle of ggrim, where a lot of people pass by to check for 1v1s...??) And if they were watching, could you please explain in detail what exactly triggered the ban? So that none of us will ever do that to get banned.

    (3) Is there a way to prove/ verify the reports from other players? If some illhearted person make a false claim regarding rank farming (which I suspect will happen more than we like, because of the nature of pvmp triggering hatred towards each other, especially in emotionally non-mature players, and some may just abuse this new system to get legit players get banned, which I suspect is what happened here), can Turbine verify that?

    I would love to hear a response from Turbine. I also encourage all pvmp players who have been falsefully banned for rank farming recently, or know people who have been falsefully banned, to respond to this thread. Please make sure to be mature about your responses, however. Let's not use curse words, let's not be hateful.


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