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Thread: Chieftain Flaws

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    Chieftain Flaws

    Congratulations to the newest addition to the purple defilers. Stick em!!!!!!!!

    May High Chieftain come swift!!!!!
    Volodic- Rank 14 Minstrel- The first and the last Warlord of Nimrodel
    Volobash- Rank 11 Blackarrow- Arkenstone, Nikitah's Bane
    Volosavenger- Rank 9 Stalker- Landroval, The white warg

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    Dec 2008

    Grats Traitor lol :p

    Grats man! Glad you got it, def make our job harder that's for sure. Miss running with ya on freepside ill keep my fingers crossed Gonna have to have a celebratory smoke or something! You did get your rank 13 and rank 12 so maybe...just maybe... lol either way man well done and enjoy your well deserved rank kudos man!
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    Congrats! You are pne tough defiler and one OP healer. Strong and smart, and knowing what to do and when to do it, both when solo and when you are grouped. And from what I recall from freepside what seems like ages ago, a good guy as well. You earned the rank, and certainly deserve it.

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    Grats Flaws! Now play something with less dps like ba or reaver. I'm growing tired of your flies taking all the kb's. Oh and thanks for all the heals, if they had an "I saved your @$$" column in the wartab your count would be way up there.
    Kilgeli- r10
    I'm going all Willynilli and whatnot.

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    congrats, you have the patience of a saint and I always appreciated you joining my groups when I invited you. Top defiler, for sure.
    There may come a time for valor without renown, for those without swords may surely still die upon them.



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