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    Congrats Willi!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on Rank 12 Chieftan Willynilli! Well deserved! Keep hacking and slashing away at them freeps!
    Cynfor Rank 12 Burglar - We Got This
    Narkhloket Rank 7 Warleader/Narkhburzakh Rank 8 Reaver/Narkhluk Rank 7 Warg - Face First
    Brandywine - Narkh Rank 11 Blackarrow & Wramble r7 Reaver/ Cynfail Rank 8 Warden
    I'm one of those scrubs who went to Brandywine and then came back.

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    Feb 2009
    For the couple of folks that wanted to see.

    Kilgeli- r10
    I'm going all Willynilli and whatnot.

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    Aug 2011
    Grats, very good reaver, and hard to beat.

    Nice kills to KBs ratio too!
    retired warden mouse clicker turtlemoss, countless storebought creeps

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    Grats Kilgeli!

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    Grats Willi!! Well done and gl on your way to 13!



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