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    This game could be amazing

    Now I am a huge LOTR fan and I wanna play this game and see the world ive read about in book brought to life. I wouldn't even mind spending some money on this game .... iiiiiiiiffffff it didn't freeze up 13 seconds into it nearly everytime I boot it up. this is ridiculous. ive tweaked the graphics settings, ive got 8 gb ram, I even said a prayer to every major deity I can think of including manwe. ive scoured forums and found man other people with the same problem and the same thing is said by all. that even tho this seems to be a major problem for many players no one on the dev end seem to have any help to offer nor have they even acknowledged the problem. now its possible ive missed the answer somewhere but I don't think so. can we get a fix for this so I can play and enjoy the game or what????????????

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    It could be your internet speed and connection. Once I moved from home to the university I encountered that problem because of the bad internet connection.
    You may also have too many programs running at the same time, a slower processor, or a poor graphics card.
    Or any combination of all the above.
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    The game don't freeze to me every 13 seconds, not even every minute, or every 10 minutes & my pc isn't brand new or my conection the fastest. There is a lot of things that maybe causing the game to freeze & most of them aren't on the game side & of those that are you can control some of them (your game graphic settings may not be the correct for you pc or conection speed). If was all the game fault then everybody will freeze at the same time everytime.

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    I play this game with medium to high graphics settings on a laptop. The laptop is several years old. The graphics card alone is no longer supported and hasn't received an update in some 5ish years. I also play wireless, in a household with only a few hundred MB per second, sharing bandwidth with several other people (who are frequently watching youtube vids, etc).

    I have the type of problems you describe with other MMOs, but LOTRO has by far been the most friendly one to my machine. If you are having problems to the magnitude that you are describing, I would reexamine your hardware. LOTRO may have its troubles, lag and rubber-banding not the least of them, but on the whole it is generally quite tame compared to the requirements of many other MMOs on the market these days.
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    that's just the thing I shut down any other programs running have graphics set to low and medium have nothing else running on my internet, have the fastest road runner turbo internet service u can get out here and the comp is brand new, not a complete power house but should be more than sufficient to run the game. and I have seen many other threads on other forums and this which have the same problem. freezing and sometime completely crashing the comp. other than setting graphics to lowest setting I haven't heard of any other fixes. some say it started occurring after the last expansion/update. wanna enjoy this game but it makes it very difficult. itll either freeze right off the bat or crash an hour into it. only twice have I stopped playing the game because I was done. every other time has been in frustration

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    Great rig, excellent connection to the internet, sounds like (drumroll, please)...

    HEAT. How long has it been since you unplugged your rig, and vacuumed or blown it out? I have to do this every 6 months or so, I have 2 dogs, and a big parrot.

    I always know it's time when items don't show up in game but they are there such as lamp posts, tables and chairs.

    Your CPU and GPU heat up real fast, if you are choked with dust and dirt, it won't take long.

    I use a powerful leaf blower, I just make sure NOT to let any fans free-spin, they will tear themselves up. Try it, it seems you've tried everything else.

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