Hey, so, first of all, what I am going to write about is my own fault, I am aware of that.

I have just very proudly bartered the first Elder-King symbol for my fresh level 85 minstrel and crafted a songbook out of it.
I switched to my minstrel, identified the book, posted it in the kinship char because I was so happy to finally have it, slotted it, but apparently didn't slot it and while deconstructing relics to polish up my new book, I accidentally deconstructed it.
Darn!! Stupid me!

But since I only had positive experiences with the support so far, I wrote a ticket. I thought: Those guys have been 1000% percent helpful and friendly so far, I trust that they can help silly, stupid, blond me fix this. A friend of mine got a gold class item out of an instance a few months ago and wanted to post it in the chat but let go of the mouse early and deleted it by accident. He had it back in no time. So yeah, those guys are fantastic, they can fix it, I am sure of it.

What I got was an automated reply stating a link to a policy. Well, the link did not open and since I was on edge having just managed to destroy my first age book, i wrote another ticket asking for someone to talk to me please.

I got the same automated response again.

So I submitted ticket number 3, explaining that i am aware that the poor GM that receives all those tickets must be really annoyed with my by this point but the automated replies just don't help me. I explained that I usually am not bothering with tickets even though, the VIP points were late and so on, I told about my friends class-item and that this is not just about me not wanting to spent another 2 month killing sambrog so i can get another elder-king symbol but that my entire kinship suffered under my constant ninja-invites to do instances to get those seals so my healer would finally be able to properly support them in raids.

So someone finally did answer, giving me a 5 word sentence about this not being possible. So I asked whether they could explain what the difference between dragging items out of the inventory and deconstructing leg. items was. Apparently, the difference is that from deconstructing you get something out of it and there also is a warning.

Well okay, I fully agree that you are getting something out of deconstructing items, but those 5 shards and half a dozen relics and XP-rune I would happily have lived without. Also, you do get a warning when you drag stuff out of your inventory as well...

I am sorry for ranting on and on about this, but I am just so disappointed and frustrated (mostly with myself) and I just wanted to find out if anyone else thinks there is not much of a difference between dragging out and deconstructing or if it really is just me...