"Well I never met Napoleon,
but I plan to find the time.
Yeah I never met Napoleon
But I plan to find the time,
yes I do.

Cause he looked so fine
upon that hill
they say that he was lonely,
he's lonely still,
those days are gone forever,
over a long time ago,
Oh yeah."

From "Pretzel Logic" by Steely Dan

Morning Landrovalrim,

thought I would open with some lyrics from a song that I was listening to today at my workout session. Kind of fits me, no???

Anyway, I am a bit sore, but otherwise ok. Gonna go into the Moors for a little bit then take my nap. Gonna be 97 today in Chi town.

"Wilson, bring me some ice. lots of it. gotta get my knee iced down. Oh, and some corned beef hash for Gombur.

Have a good day all.