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Thread: pvp server

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    pvp server

    Looking for a pvp server any good servers any one know of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yashua609 View Post
    Looking for a pvp server any good servers any one know of
    There are no PvP servers. Some servers have a more active PvMP population, but all servers use the same ruleset.

    PvMP happens only in the Ettenmoors. Anyone who has a level 10 regular character can create a Monster character (which will be level 85) that cannot leave the Ettenmoors. If you want to bring a regular character to the Ettenmoors (to fight the monster characters) you must:
    • Be VIP (have an active subscription)
    • Get your regular character to at least level 80
    • Have your character transport his/herself to the Ettenmoors via stablemasters in Bree, Michel Delving, Rivendell, and possibly some other places I've forgotten.

    Lord of the Rings Online doesn't have a strong focus on PvP. If that is your primary interest, you may not enjoy this game.
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    In all the time I have played the game, although I do not play pvp, Nimrodel has been an active server for that. You can view the forums of each server on the main forum list and look for pvp activity.

    Be aware that you are facing many experienced and very enthusiastic players. If you can join a pvp Kinship it may help.

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    have to add that is you want to play monster chars in the moors you can do this f2p as a reaver, the other classes have to be unlocked
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