Has your quest for the ONE ring taken over your life? Let us help. At Rings Anonymous you'll find help and support from players like you. We are a rank 10 kinship with all the amenities, and some of the kindest officers you'd find on any server. If you need any more reason to join, I'll give you a few.
1) No age requirements: No one will judge if you grew up listening to the Rat Pack.
2) Truly international and multilingual. If you have some trouble speaking English, don't worry, we got you covered.
3) We have people of every level and experience range so you can always find a group to play with.
4) The family feel. You'll never feel left out. It is like a large group of best friends here.
5) Someone is always on. You'll never log in to find you'll the only one online. In fact, there is usually at least 6 on at all times.
6) Weekly winnings, and monthly events. In short, there is always a lot going on here.
7) We don't kick because of time. Real life is more important than the game. Take care of your life, and we'll be here for you.
8) Lovable Leader. Did I add that one in? Join and you'll quickly agree with the masses here.

And let's not forget we are always welcoming new people in. You won't be the new guy for long.
Contact Peresbert, Camreiborn, Erikur, Erikrid, Cobralyn, Rollins, Noryssa, Rhyolite, or any member you see and ask for an invite.