Hello, I will be brief;

I have started a defiler, present time it is r5 and has max audacity. My question is: What corruption traits are most viable in group fights? Stacking crit defence? Stacking crit/mastery with the mentality of high heals being the best defence? Stacking morale?

Then I checked my tactical mitigation. Late last night I was in a smallish group fight 6-8 vs 6-8, freep side was alot of tactical dmg. I got lucky and weren't targetted for much of it, but when I was I got absolutely destroyed. Atm I am trying out 3 crit defence (had 4 a while, but the 4th one gives too little in terms of % for my liking), 2 crit and hfd r2. I had never previously checked my tactical mitigation on defiler, but when I did I started thinking, maybe it's a viable corruption trait?