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    Exclamation + - Brandywine - + From Shadows We Shall Rise is recruiting!

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    an End Game PvE / PvP USA +Central Time Zone+ Lord Of The Ring Online Kinship..
    Brandywine Server - PvE / Freep Side PvP
    Riddermark Server - PvP Creep Side

    A Little About Us:

    We are an end game kinship with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This means that first and foremost we are here to have fun. If you are into drama, this kin is not for you. We are adults, we like to have fun, and sometimes things can get border line, but respect is all we ask.


    ** We are mainly built around mature players. Players who have time restraints, family, spouses, full time jobs. That understand real life commitments with other mature gamers that log into the game / Ventrilo to have fun, We do not yell or respond in a disrespectful way, we do treat our members with respect at all times.

    *** A progression base, healthy kinship, filled with activity. Members are encouraged to become involved in game, on Ventrilo, our website and speak their minds. Everyone has a voice, and using it helps us grow. Gives us the means and information necessary to continually improve!
    - - -> Player base 18+ with no tolerance for drama within the kinship, over in game chat ( glff ) or between kinships.

    *** Raiding with us, Selecting your main class(es) and making them raid ready. This means that you must have appropriate traits and gear to help us be as successful as possible. Are member's are here to help, but we expect that the effort start's with you.
    - - -> PvE Focused mindset with several strong raid leaders, with the latest 12man T2's on farm mode, that are willing lead you threw the toughest raids around.
    - - -> PvP Focused mindset with several capable raid leaders in house willing to train you how to partake and survive in the Ettenmoors.

    *** Kinship Size & Class Requirements, With us recruiting at any given time or any playing type. Our Kinship is and has always been focused on bring in the right players / classes to join and ( Not ) just anyone. Are goals are ( Not ) to become a ( huge out of control gaming community ). We bring in the mature, supportive and best fitting players that would be the best fit for the kinship. Our class requirements are to make sure there is a balance which will allow all members the ability to join us on the battle field.

    *** Officers - Not an Special Club, The Officers were selected to represent each and every member of the kinship, with making the toughest and most important decisions to maintain our Kinship in good standing.. Officers have earned the title and are expected to lead by example.

    *** Most Important, treat others as you would like to be treated. We like everyone to think of their fellow members as family not just another name or class. Get to know your fellow kinship mates, and most importantly treat each other with respect. We're all on the same team and working for the same cause..



    ** -Steady internet connection and computer which enables you to play at a decent level of consistency.
    ** -Ventrilo and ability to LISTEN. Talking is not required..
    ** A good attitude.. along with, a willing to support the other members on the battle field..

    At the moment we are looking for all classes. If you are interested in joining us please visit our websiteHERE

    Or reach out to one of the name listed below in-game..

    - Contact our leader @ FrozenArrow-1 / AccidentProne-1
    - Contact an Officer @ Bigkurg or Rockbelly or Stormm

    Kinship Name: - - - - From Shadows We Shall Rise - FsWsR
    Kinship Website: - - - - http://fswsr.guildlaunch.com
    YouTube Kinship Channel: - - - - From Shadows We Shall Rise - On You Tube!
    LOTRO Server: - - - - Brandywine Server - PvE / Freep Side PvP ** Riddermark Server - PvP Creep Side
    Kinship Ventrilo: - - - - Server Information is available when requested from a officer..
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