Hey There! I don't know if all gamers planning on getting GTA V know about this so I thought it would be a good idea to post it before the game was released.

Unlike many other console games, you actually have to 'install' this game to your console with a CD; like a computer. I have no idea why (Guess it's just that big) Anyways, both 360 and PS3 players have to do this. I think 360 gets a CD to play and a CD to install and PS3 players get just one CD, install and playing in one.

The game requires 8gb of space to install. (On one storage device, in case you didn't know.) Now if your someone like me who didn't buy a fancy 250g 360, your probably freaking the **** out; Don't worry! Now I don't know about PS3 players, but to the 360 players of the community: you can use a flash drive for the install! (Whaaat?)
The downside to this is that you require double the space required for install. So that's 16g. (Honestly imo, I'd get a couple more Gs, you know just in case.) Now I'm not sure whether the flash drive has to be converted to 360 storage or not; I'm pretty sure it does. But just in case, don't convert it until you get the game. Then if you have to convert it, do so.

Hope this helps some games who get home and for some reason can't get the game to play!!!