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granted some of us could probably get away with a great deal without any serious problems (evil has put of with my #### since he was a 12yr old brittish girl in the hatchlings ) but even though evil is generally good natured (with those of us he likes) he has been known to hold grudges against certain people even people he likes who latter on become an officer. But as far as i know kalv what kalv is doing doesn't get near the heat from from evil that a few defilers in the tribe or even my raven have gotten lol . And no its not about hating evil at all we are a tribe of trolls so trolling evil just comes natural. In my case it mainly stemmed from trying to keep evils ego in check a bit and it's sort of an officer tradition that the first wave of officers passed down to me and i in return try to pass down to the newer officers. But since this a video game there really isn't any real repercussions for anything anyways lol
bahahahaha good point, evil's ego does need occasional squishing, I don't mind him trying to build himself up, he is good and I hate false modesty. but it is bothersome when he puts people down to try and hold himself up as contrast, I used to get asked if I was evilspinnre so damn often just cause we're both aussie, (although personally i think we sound nothing alike) I even got kicked out of a freepside group once when I first started to pvp because the leader thought I was Evil... I was just saying kalv was an evil troll because I thought it'd stir him up. I know gin gives him hell, lol.