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I mean, ideally I would have 2 sets of 1H swaps but currently only have the 1 MH DPS and 2 OH [Morale bubble sword/DPS axe]

So logical progression would be start fight in Vit/morale MH and the R10 vit sword, and swap out once you've lost that much morale into DPS MH/OH. Vit is more or less a wasted stat once you've lost its amount in morale and the amount of mitigation is nil since you can get things like Sarchol to cover for it.
my off hand for the DW is goat slayer atm 75mig/vit and 421 morale i havent been playing since those new off hands have been there but i also have the old codfells axe to dps. the way i macro though i'd have to swap to a 2h back to a DW with the other off hand. which would cause the morale from the main hand LI to disappear because i equipped the 2her so the health would be missing regardless. there is a program i have that lets you swap off hand and the second slot of your jewelry but tbh i have enough #### to swap that its just get excessive after a point.

tbh i still out of habit swap to DW to bracing (for the 2 hits) on occasion but other than to pop my bubbles i tend to avoid the DW lest i leave myself open for an early dev strike or other gated skill because i add that 1.2k health cap there.

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I'm jealous of the blissful ignorance it takes to be proud of them.
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Have you...watched one of your videos?

Is it even possible to be jealous of that?
pour out the haterade fellas

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The best part was when I started the video - titled 'Soleus vs Zergs' - and it opens with a glory champ fighting a low-ranked warleader and low-ranked warg. Might I also add that he fails to kill them - after 6 minutes, he eventually turns and runs. If I recall, he actually ends up dying.
you should actually watch the videos lest you embarrass yourself some more