So i'm curious to see what many peoples impressions are, there are many new players on brandy, and many of them are quite good as we have a lot of transfers. i've seen many older players rise from averageness to awesomeness and I couldn't help thinking it's been a while since we had a thread for skill recognition. So this a thread for that.

A previous issue with these threads is as follows: No player can compete with the ghosts of the past, which is usually older players remembering players who quit while in their glory days or popularity votes. so I'm going to lay out some basic rules for fairness here:

1) they must have played more than once in the past 6 months on the named toon
2) no voting for yourself... it's tacky
3) lets not wave e-peens, this is supposed to be a positive thread. (no trolling)

So, without further ado, the current top 3 of their class thread: