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    Please get rid of skill trees

    This is the worst change yet. PLEASE give us our skills back. It's a terrible change and it removes everything thats unique about the game. We had the ability to build and play our toons the way we wanted. It simply the worst change yet.

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    While I agree (on principle, based on experience with other games with Skill Trees), I'm afraid we're getting them, like it or not.

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    Like I said in the other thread: we're getting them, that's not changing. What may change is the arrangement of the tree, the costs, that type of thing.

    If you're in Beta (and don't say if you are) then test it out, suggest the changes that need to be made to make the tree system as good as it can. If you're not, you really can't say this is the worst change yet since you haven't even tried it.
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    Keep hush-hush if you are in beta, OP, but regardless, as far as the live servers are concerned, the changes aren't here yet. Aren't you jumping the gun? The only way you can know what they truly will be like is if you are in beta, and again, don't confirm or deny, or you'll get kicked out of beta and never invited back in.
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