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    Is a failure to connect to server a crash?

    Recently i have been failing to connect to sever on most of my loads in the Rohan area. Is this technically a crash? Should I contact the technical support team as some of my Kin members have also stated they are getting the same problem. This is over the last 3-4 months it is usually a very long loading screen after character select screen which ends with Failure to connect with server.

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    Failure to connect with the server is normally going to be a communication issue. If the client and server stop communicating with each other long enough two things will happen. Client-side, the client will shut down gracefully. That is, it shuts everything down and exits to the desktop in a known manner, as opposed to a hard crash to desktop or windows crash which can result in file corruption. Server-side, the server will terminate the connections to avoid leaving an open connection that the server has tied to your character. This is exactly what you want to happen when communications are lost, both ends closing down and freeing up any resources that were used. The loss of communication only has to be in one direction, it does not need to be a two-way loss.

    If this happens on a regular basis, then yes, contact Technical Support for help. They should have some tools that can help troubleshoot it.

    In case you don't already do it, in the UI Settings options there is an option to show the connection status. If that is enabled you will be able to see connection information by mousing over the icon. It also gives a visual on the connection: green solid link (good), yellow partially breaking link (iffy), and red fully broken link (bad).
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