Hello. I've subscribed to LOTRO after receiving a free key (I already had DDO) and the game installation seemed to go with no problems but after I log in (on the launcher) all the servers are said to be closed and so it's impossible to click "Play". I've searched the forums and asked good ol' Google but nothing helpful comes up.

A few notes that may or not help:
- I found only one thread where someone reported the same problem as me and they suggested adding lotro to the firewall exception list which I already did (the client, invoker and launcher files) but the problem persisted;
- My OS is Windows 7;
- For half a second, the servers are marked as down instead of closed, then switching to the latter;
- DDO seems to be working fine.

The only thing I can think of doing is re-install the game but I figure I better ask here first in case it's something stupidly simple and I'm just too burned out to figure it out.