1) Please, turn off the auto flips. Is this not a "Capture the Flag" type of PvP? If one side captures a flag and the Mother of the other side comes along in the next five minutes and takes it away and gives it to her child's side? Who's the bully then?
I know of at least four times yesterday that Lugz auto flipped back to Freep after we took it. Twice it flipped back within ten minutes.

This isn't encouraging grouping or helping out Turbines basic design of capturing the flags in the Ettenmoors.

2) Reinstate locks for switching from one side to the other. It's just too obvious.. Creep zerg, turn map red, then fifteen minutes later, Freep zerg, turn map Blue.
Let's find a way to inspire folks to come out and pick a side, along with picking a nemesis. The best pvp happens when two opposing sides are fighting to capture or defend those flags. Not when they are cooperating to farm them.

That's the only two things I'll ask for, for now. I'm actually enjoy playing my Creeps more than ever and love being the underdog. The only other thing I can think of, and this isn't a biggie, but, if you can find it in your hearts, do something about Wardens? I understand you can't ban them from the Moors but could Creeps at least have the option to Ignore them and not have to interact with them? Do I really need to expand on this subject?