Hey Moors Warriors,

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave MeM - times change, people change, kins change, time for me to move on.
I have begun a new Kin, which is a bit odd having founded the 2nd or 3rd oldest kin left on the server - and now starting the newest...(for an hour or two anyway).

The intent of the new Kinship - Grim Reapers - is to build a team of hardcore PvP'rs and PvE'rs. We need to do both, but PvP comes first.
That said, if you care to join GR, you must defeat one of my ranked Freeps in personal combat in the moors (aka sparring match...should be easy enough right?).

Note - Third Marshall's and above, no need to spar ;-)

I am looking for people that know how to work together in the moors, whether grouped or not, people who respect 1v1's, and people who can lead or be led.
I am looking for people that will work together to ensure we all have the best possible gear, and gain access to the best PvE raids (whether we lead them or not).
Yes - I will lead (with my mic) both PvE and PvP until we get someone who actually knows how to lead...

Good Hunting,


Forever an Ally to MeM