Sorry for all the general questions, I am just getting into this game seriously - I"ve played before, but never got past the prologue quests and didn't get "into" the game to this extent. I also will probably not be able to afford any expansions or VIP access for a while (longer than I originally though), so I have to do everything with free Turbine Points (from deeds and questing) and free stuff.

My question is regarding the currency cap. The description in the store says it eliminates the cap "for all characters on the account". Does this mean ALL characters - meaning all SERVERS, or just the characters on the server you buy it on?

Thanks for the continued help. I played WoW when it first came out, and really loved it, but went away for a long while, and now that the level limit is 20 for free players, you can't get very far. In LOTRO, being totally free and able to play to the high levels is really appealing. Plus the game is TONS of fun (I mostly solo, and will only group when necessitated by main story quests or important regular ones). Sorry for rambling on!