I have just purchased the Mithril Edition of the LotRO. I am set to make a Dwarven toon as a friend has made a Elf (although why I have no idea the pointy ears are only good for getting in the way of my axe). I think we can work through our racial differences and achieve much together, but due to the pointy ears jumping in feet first and creating a hunter class toon I am left with the decision of what class I will go that will cover up his shortfalls and basically keep the little laddie breathing.
(please not that does not mean I intend to like his wounds and slap healing spells on him every two seconds, I'd prefer it if my damage was enough to keep mobs focused on me since we dwarves are built of sterner stuff).

I have played MMORPG games in the past and I actually had a elf hunter on WoW (glad to say I'm 7 years sober) and I have kind of always gone for a class that's a bit of a jack of all trades so I can DPS and have fun at range etc, this time though I've decided I definitely want to do a bit more of the centre of the foray kind of playing. Tanking / high DPS kinda thing.

So if anyone out there has any ideas on what class would be good for a new player who can hit hard and take a beating then your advice is welcome, just don't tell the elf!