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Thread: Brutal strikes

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    Brutal strikes

    Hey guys,
    I'm a champion elf and I got a problem with the skill 'brutal strikes'
    this is what happened: I started playing Lotro 2 weeks before the 'Helm's deep' update...
    I gained some levels and got the skill brutal strikes, but after the update that skill wasn't longer in my skill list...
    so I thought maybe that skill doesn't longer exist but in my trait tree there are traits I can get to upgrade my brutal strikes...
    so the skill still exists but i dont have, do you have to do a quest or something to get this skill
    because I'm lvl25 and I still didn't earn the skill 'brutal strikes'

    thanks for reading and let me know if you know the answer

    Bucefalas of Rivendell ;p

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    Try going to a Champion trainer (like the old days)
    Sometimes the skills will "disappear" and you will find them at the trainer again.
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    you can get brutal strikes from the red line, as one of the first traits. it's only 2/1 trait points, depending if you chose red line.

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    With HD some skills are only accessible thru the lines that you go down.

    You will only unlock the following by choosing the line as your specialization:
    Martial Champion:Sudden Defence, Adamant*
    The Berserker: Relentless Strike, Devastating Strike, Red Haze*
    The Deadly Storm: Rend, Blade Storm, Exchange of Blows*, Born for Combat*

    * = you will unlock these when in that specialization and you have spent enough points for them, these are shown on the left column of the spec trees

    You can unlock these by putting points in the line (even if it isnt your specialization but they cost 2 points if you are going out of your specialization):
    Martial Champion: Second Wind, Horn of Champions, Riposte, Dire Need, Unbreakable
    The Berserker: Brutal Strikes, Ebbing Ire, Ferocious Strikes, Controlled Burn, Champion's Duel
    The Deadly Storm: Battle Frenzy, Raging Blade, Great Cleave, Fury of Blades
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