So, I ran into this elf standing on the road, looking all befuddled. He asks me to go light a fire and ambush the Forces of Evil when they come to check it out. He gives me very specific directions, on where said cowardly ambush is to take place. Being game for a few coins and some adventure, I sneak up into the well-described boulder encrusted depression, and lo - there is a beam of light that beckons me ever forward.

Alas, however, the silly elf neglected to give me the firewood.

Anyone able to help me on this? There is a "bundle of firewood" icon with the quest description, but no matching "selectable/activatable" icon shows up either in my inventory (plenty of empty spaces), on my quest log, or anywhere else that I can find.

I forum searched all of the combinations of drawing, enemy, Eregion, etc that I could think of, and no-joy.