First of all apologies if this is in the wrong place, this new layout has me confused!

I am a Premium player, I play at no monthly subscription and prefer to keep it this way as i am sometimes on everyday and sometimes once in 2 months etc. So in advance please don't tell me to just subscribe; not even for a month.

I reached level 85 and went back to get all my Epic quests completed and up to date... They led me into Caras Galadhon and after getting impatient and lost i decided to walk off from one of the tree tops... which sadly resulted in my death by misadventure.

After retreating I went to enter Galadhon... and couldn't... I believe this is because i don't have the Lothlorien quest pack, I never needed it. I still have a quest in there and i can't reach it. I was wondering if this is a common problem? and if there were any solutions? other than buying a quest pack I've out-leveled and don't want. I really can't believe that if you exit Caras Galadhon for any reason between these quests you will no longer be able to complete them, really?

I would have submit a ticket... however lately EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to enter the Lotro store or look for help i am confronted by a blank, white screen... which doesn't change; no matter how many times i click the home button, or go to buy/unlock something to try and refresh it. Nothing wrong with my connection to my knowledge, everything works pretty smoothly, except the store.

So I'm lost with what to do... and fairly annoyed...