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    Any Good Game Sites?

    Hello everyone! Quick question for all the veteran players. Can you all give me some recommendations on the best websites that you all use for game guides/information? For example WoW has several; MMO Champion, WoW Head, etc. Anything like those sites for this game? I've looked and looked in all the stickies and the one that was mentioned seems to no longer be active.

    I tried Google but there are numerous sites some of them are outdated.

    Thanks for your help and happy gaming!

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    The most updated ones are the blog and CSTM is one of the top blogs for Lotro (although the blog owners are in semi retirement and is moving on to other games)

    In terms of guides unfortunately most guides are out of date (some outdated by at least 2 years)

    MMORSEL used to by my levelling guide from lvl 1-50 but it is dead now (unfortunate so.. because the LI planner tool and TP finder was really useful)
    Some of the contents in Lotro-wiki.com is quite out of date, but if you weed off the outdated information they are quite comprehensive, and is now my first stop for information about lotro.

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    Best info on quests, armor sets, etc is www.lotro-wiki.com

    It has a little bit of everything. My favorites are the list of skills and traits for each class (I use it to plan my class deed grinding) and the walkthrough of all the epic story quests. Those have helped me countless times.

    Other websites I've found helpful at one point or another:

    http://lotrolevelling.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page.html (Maps with routes to take and locations of key things, step-by-step walkthroughs of quests)

    http://gatetokadath.blogspot.be/p/lotro.html (Reviews of every quest pack and expansion, great for F2P players trying to decide what is worth getting)
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    Awesome! Thank you for the information it will be really helpful.

    Also I would like to mention how amazed I am at the community here. On the WoW forum I would have been flamed to death by now for my question. It is refreshing to ask a simple question and to get quick, succinct, and knowledgable answers. Thanks guys.

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    Also worth checking out are the LOTRO maps at this site: http://dynmap.ruslotro.com/ - shows all locations, NPCs, and points of interest for all current zones in the game.
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    There is quite a lot of LOTRO inspired sites, some related to kinships, some free & in several languages, not just english, french & german. That can tell you how varied is the comunity here & also more friendly & willing to share their knowledge than in WoW. Just write "LOTRO in <write language here>" or something like lotro maps or lotro traits on your prefered searcher.

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    Overall these forums are not a horrible place to be. Welcome.

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    Not information per se, but www.lotrointerface.com is the place to go for plugins and skins.
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    casual stroll to mordor ain't that active anymore in lotro
    i would check this site out too:


    too bad mmorsel is now offline it had really great info...
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    I have found the answers to all my questions so far at lotro-wiki: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Main_Page
    But many questions are also easily answered in-game, for example if you ask them in the glff channel (/joinchannel glff) or join a kin (if you haven't yet), a good kin will have plenty members who are willing to answer you questions and help you along



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