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    How popular is the warden class?

    So i was thinking about rolling an alt class...a class that is not so popular as champ or hunter...i was wondering where you would place the warden on the popularity list? I always thought you were really high up.
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    Depends what you define as popular. It's one of the least created classes, but that's also because it came out later. Many people appreciate a good warden in group, but not many wardens are good, and many give up before hitting cap. It's not exactly an "alt-friendly" toon because you either have to memorize gambits or utilize muscle memory to use them, both of which are easily lost if you're playing multiple toons. People still do it, it's just not as alt-friendly as say, a hunter or champ, which really just requires you to hit the same few buttons.
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    It's simply far too popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untg99 View Post
    It's simply far too popular.
    It is not popular at all, at least on my server. I do really many many runs (3,6,12 men), at lv 85 i done perhaps 500-1k different runs. During all those runs I saw many hunters/champs/rks, but only FEW (really, less than 5, counting me) wardens. Also, in pvp, minis or rks are far more popular than, so called OP, wardens.
    I bet on my server it is, toghether with burgs, least popular class.

    TinDragon points it well, why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untg99 View Post
    It's simply far too popular.
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