Back when the LOTRO Store launched in 2010, it included many exclusive cosmetic items such as the Elf Queen's Dress and Hauberk of the Mirrormere. I spent a fair bit of time browsing such items, including the 5 dresses and 7 hauberks on offer*, and eventually bought a few. The store seemed an excellent venue for exclusive cosmetic items, and the future looked promising for many such offerings.

Three years later, a search in the LOTRO Store for dresses yields 5 results. A search for hauberks yields 7 results. Over the years, various quest and instance armor pieces appeared in the store, but the selection of exclusive cosmetic items never grew.** I find that rather baffling.

Why did Turbine abandon the development of store exclusive cosmetic items?

* When the store launched, I distinctly remember 5 dresses on offer. One or two hauberks may have appeared post launch. Even if so, I feel my observation still holds.
** The Reveller's Gilded Party Dress and related items appeared approximately 18 months after the LOTRO Store launched. They go on sale during Anniversary events.