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As I said, I take "endgame" to mean "stuff I'm going to be interested in doing in an MMO long after I've reached the level cap". All of the examples I gave are perfectly good long-term activities in a game, at least for some players. Ask the players in SWG who spent hundreds of hours simply working on their houses & towns. Or building a crafting empire. Ask the people in FFXI who have spent more time Fishing than they have "adventuring". As it turns out, FFXI does have fishing contests, but those really aren't why most people participate... they simply like the process, the exploring, the collecting, and what sometimes seem like emergent behaviors.
As SWG veteran, all I can say is that the core of SWG end-game wasn't Housing, Cities or even Crafting, the core was community within the game Guilds made cities, Guilds did crafting, Guilds did museums, only on very rare cases there was 1 guy doing it, that changed in the end when you could do everything by yourself...which killed the game.
Again, for you. I spent 5 entire years leveling alts. I don't like raiding, and while PvP can be fun... the "jerk factor" has always driven me off, sooner or later.
I agree alts are great to have, but its not a good sign you only make alts because there isn't any more content to run, I think content should always be there and making alts optional not a requirement like it is in LOTRO.

No thanks. One of the very best things for me in an MMO is learning to play various classes. This was the single biggest reason I stopped playing SWG just 5 months after it shipped. I finished advancing my first character, and they didn't allow me to create a 2nd. I played for about 2 weeks after that, then left for good.

I stayed in SWG since the begining to the very end. The things I enjoyed the best is that I could try all classes in 1 character no need to make other really.