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    Heroic Isengard and Rohan?


    neither Rohan nor Isengard Heroic or Legendary Editions seem to be available from the market. I did however find another site which does offer them;

    My question now; is this legitimate? Will Turbine accept this version? Furthermore, I have the base Isengard Edition already, but is it possible to upgrade it to a 'better' version still?


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    I found them in the Turbine Store.

    Rise of Isengard Heroic

    Rise of Isengard Legenday

    Rohan Heroic

    Rohan Legendary

    However, I am fairly certain that if you get them from GameStop, Turbine will honor it.

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    I found them in the store too, but you can't actually add them to the cart. I'm getting following error;


    We are currently unable to perform the selected action. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. We have been notified and are already working to correct this issue as quickly as possible. Please click your browser's back button and try this action at a later time, or take a different action.

    Error Number: CAT_000015

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    I'd say, to be patient and wait a bit for problems to get solved.
    Thank you, Turbine, for listening and giving us an opt-out of FE! Good work!

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    Those editions were discontinued, see second half of http://cstm.mymiddleearth.com/2013/0...ntil-july-7th/.

    If you do get hold of a heroic/legendary code from Gamestop, I imagine it would work. Probably best to contact Account Support or Sapience to confirm.
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