Hello, I am Beth, I am a 42 year old american woman who lives in the state of Illinois. I am a casual player who doesn't want to do hard-core or extreme fighting, I am a LOTRO player who wants to have fun. I am interested in the farming and crafting features of this mmo. I am playing on the Brandywine server.

These are my characters:

* Bethanor: a level 6 woman captain, she is currently in Archet

* Bollinori: a level 6 dwarf hunter, he is currently at Thorin's Gate/Hall

* Briarwyse: a level 6 female elf loremaster, she is currently in Celondim

* Bryonya: a level 6 female hobbit minstral, she is currently in Little Delving.

None of my characters are in a kin, but would like to belong to one.