I will note that IF we had a Beorning class, which won't happen for reasons listed above
(they aren't a race or even a kinship, they are a smallish extended family), unarmed
combat would be something they were good at. They are based on the legendary
(not Tolkien's lore, Anglo-Saxon) hero Beowulf, whose name is a kenning for "bear"*
and who echoes that distant Indo-European figure, the bear's son. Like the bear,
Beowulf fights best with his hands. At the end of the epic, when he has to use a
sword on a dragon*, he manages to kill it but is himself slain in the process.

But we aren't going to have Beornings.

* It means "bee-wolf." Bears, both real and were-, like honey.
** Who, like Smaug, has had a cup stolen from his hoard and goes on a rampage.