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    Epic Vol III, Book 7, chapter 4 quest has disappear from my Quest Log


    Just after I was granted the Epic Vol III, Book 7, chapter 4 quest I went to the Forge Master and reforge an item.
    Right after that I have used the Legendary Item Planner plug-in to plan the build of my item. I then applied points to my item.

    When I get back to my Epic quest I noticed Epic Vol III, Book 7, chapter 4 quest has simply vanished from my quest log. I see no way to regain it.

    Could you please active it (or re-instate it)?


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    Well... I have been able to continue the quest by meeting the NPC of the quest (Nona) and talked to her.

    The quest goes on and is back in my quest log.


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    Lost epics?

    I somehow have lost or had the epic I was working. Epic I chapter 10, as I recall, was what I was working on. I'm level 18 (VIP as of last month) with my "man" character and cannot find any completed or current quests in my log. I went back to Strider but he has no quests for me either. What am I doing wrong?



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