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OP, I get the impression you simply dislike the crafting system of LotRO. Your suggestions all seem to aim at making LotRO crafting fit your idea of how LotRO crafting should be. I wonder why? Is there another game with a crafting system you would like to be ported to LotRO?
There is nothing--intrinsically--wrong with wanting reform a game mechanic like crafting into a different way of working to one's liking. However, it certainly would help if the person making such a sweeping suggestion (a) fully understood the existing system and it's history, and (b) had a coherent design for his desired changes or replacement system.

If you really cannot wrap your head around how crafting works in LotRO (and see why it was set up the way it has been set up), there is always the option to simply not bother with crafting yourself. Crafting is an optional sub-system in this game. Even if you feel you need crafted items, you can buy them on the AH or ask your friends and kinnies to make them for you.
As you note, the OP appears to have failed at condition (a) above and equally failed to think through enough to satisfy condition (b).

I have noted before that Suggestion threads are subject to Sturgeon's Law.