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    Lightbulb Street Vendor licenses

    A new element to the town - Player vendors!

    There would be a few different Player Vendor access points (a couple per city, like vaults or the AH).
    Every week there would be a fee, 1 - 20 gold.

    The player would buy a license to sell goods as a vendor (20 - 50 gold startup) and select what type of vendor they want to be - a player may have 2 types of Vendor Licenses maximum.

    They would be broken up pretty much as the major sections of the AH would be:

    Crafting Goods - cook - 1G/week
    Crafting Goods - Jeweller - 18G/week
    Crafting Goods - Metals - 10G/week
    Crafting Goods - Legendary - 20G/week
    Weapons - 8G/week
    Armor - 8G/week
    Food - 3G/week

    etc. (it would all have to be balanced and analyzed and tested...)

    Then the player stocks their vending booth, much the way the AH is stocked - set the price, load up the stuff. Maximum of 20 "stacks" of each type of item, total max of 50 stacks.
    Armor and weapons would stack like resources once inside the vending booth.

    There would be no time-out of goods but if the vendor wants to keep making his money he would have to keep restocking.

    The weekly fee covers hiring an invisible NPC to vend the goods, so the player does not have to be online to sell their goods.

    Prices would be higher at the vendors than at the AH because of the fees, but there would be the advantage of being the center of commerce.

    Players would buy from the vendors and be able to sort based on type of vendor and what items they have available.

    Input? Ideas? Concerns? Please be constructive.

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    No thanks, this just encourages more price gouging, it's bad enough on the AH as it is.

    "There will be no Dawn for Men" ~ Saruman the White

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    Price gouging

    True, there's the possibility for that; but if someone is willing to pay instead of grind, it's pretty much up to them to find the best deal. I figure if people had a street vendor with weekly fees, they'd at least make the supply of goods (particularly weapons and armor) more consistent, because even if you're able to afford the AH, there's never a guarantee you'll find the items you're looking for. Also, perhaps street vendors could be more widespread than the AH - you'd be more likely to find a vendor at a camp site, for instance, or at a small encampment where you'd be out questing.

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    I can't speak for any server other than Meneldor. Not much is offered for sale on Meneldor. I do not believe much in the way of demand. There is no point in this functionality because you wouldn't sell enough goods to make it worth the fees. You going to meet resistance from people like me that prefer a middle earth wide system with multiple access points that is provided by the auction hall.

    Remember Turbine sells Auction Hall slots of Turbine Points. If we get this functionality we are going to have to buy our vendor slot from the Lotro Market. 1,000 - 2,000 whatever points. Plus there will be functionality similar to the auction hall for in game gold costs. Turbine not going to allow the server performance degraded via hundreds of player shops. There will be a fee - maybe weekly to keep your store open.

    The only possible purpose would be to save some silver cost on very high priced goods like the 350 - 450 gold Horse Lords one shot recipe that was recently on the Meneldor auction hall. It would not do anything for me. I typically do not sell expensive items. My last sales were Agates and some recipes - total value of this package was 200 silvers.

    What I would like to see is a combined auction hall. All items being sold on all servers given the utilization of the Meneldor auction hall is so low.
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    Oh, I like your counter-suggestion! Multi-world AH would be sweet. I know on Brandywine we have a quite healthy (if a little overpriced) auction house, and my level 50 character has made over 1000 gold in the last couple months by selling crafting mats, and I'm sure there are other servers with even better trade.



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