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    Coursera participants have a kinship

    There are thousands of people around the world participating in this course https://www.facebook.com/Coursera.onlinegames and a number of them are on this server. To support the class participants on Laurelin EN RP we started a kinship named Coursera. If you are part of the coursera experience come join us. If you aren't, why not? Learn more about the course on the course FB site above. To sign up for this FREE event starting Sept 9 go here https://www.coursera.org/course/onlinegames.

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    I'm new here and my English is so poor... Now I know we have a kinship, the next thing is to learn how to be in the kinship.

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    Good to know! I'll keep an eye for my fellow members. (Orelchon, here, by the way.)

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    And on Landroval, a lot of us taking the course (we're calling ourselves "Courserrim" ) are in a kin called Vigil of the Hearth. Vigil of the Hearth isn't my personal kin, but belongs to someone else that offered it up to students in the course. I, and several others, have the ability to invite. So, /joinchannel coursera and ask for an invite if you'd like. I'd be on my hunter, Lainwen.

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    How to join this kinship

    I'm on the coursera course - started a bit late. Doing the intro - not sure how long this takes, but I guess after I'm done I can join. I'm on the Memeldor server - does that make a difference ?

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    It won't be possible to communicate in-game with other class members, then, because the servers are different.

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    Thanks Elben
    I guess its Landroval then... :-)

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    You're welcome.



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