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    Lightbulb Community RP Plot: The Fell Season!

    Hello everyone!

    Some of you might remember a community plot that happened a few years ago. We called it The Flood & The Plague, and it was a weeks-long event that took place in our rp community. There was a lot of participation across all levels of rp'ers, from light, to medium, to heavy, and a lot of rp happened and was spawned because of it. It was a lot of fun!
    I'm here to tell you that we have another one of these community-wide plots in the works! We hope everyone will want to take part in this event and make it as fun as The Flood & The Plague was years ago! We are calling it The Fell Season. It will be kicking off this Friday, September 13th, at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific.

    What is happening in Eriador?

    For those of you interested in participating, beginning this weekend any characters in locations west and northwest of the Trollshaws, excepting Forochel, will notice a dark grey, unnatural cloud cover, that was more or less waved off as passing storms the last few days, lingering and growing, but not releasing any rain. If there is any change in this cloud cover, it is only that it seems to be getting thicker and making the air drier. For the sake of this plot, any rain that comes sporadically through Turbine's client-side weather patterns is considered OOC and ignored IC.With plants and crops dying, and animals growing restless, talk only grows as the days pass in various lands, and one of the first people to call wide public attention to it is Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch of Bree-town. He has grown concerned with the new signs and the ever-drying weather and is having councilman Taford Hayseed of Bree hold a town hall meeting, open to all citizens, to discuss what to do. What they might discover, however, as more information arrives from beyond the borders of Bree-land, is that it may be more than they bargained for.

    To get a taste of what is to come, take a look at the prologue
    for this event located on a forum board specifically set up for this plot.

    How can I participate?

    To get more information about the plot, including rp hooks, plot progression, timelines, and other tidbits, visit the Landroval Community Roleplay Compendium . We have been working out the details to bring you a well-informed and exciting plot, complete with side-plots of all RP sorts-- anything from banding together to help a community to hardships that lead to great strife and (if you so choose) death. You can follow this threadin the future to see upcoming events as well as gain information as to what is widely IC known.

    We have set up a temporary user-channel as this plot progresses. We understand that not everyone has free channel spots, which is why we emphasize the forums as our main source of communication. However, should you like to search for RP related to this event, ask questions, or just stay connected, you can join fellseason by typing in /joinchannel fellseason. If it is your first user channel you've ever joined, you can type into it by typing /1.

    The idea is for us (that is, myself, Camrin, and Laerlin in-game) to be your GMs for the main events, but to provide a common, all-encompassing conflict to allow your characters to react to the things that are going on-- including starting your own plots instigated by this conflict, should you wish to do so. Think of it like providing a loose set of rules to play by to inform your own roleplay. This way, your character can be as involved as you choose, and hopefully everyone can find some common ground to come together for rp. Have a great idea connected to this conflict, but no one to RP with? Mention it on the forums linked above.

    Stay tuned to the Landroval Community Roleplay Compedium. We will be adding more information as the plot progresses. If you have any questions that come to mind, ask here, on the plot forum, or in-game.

    We can't wait to bring you this plot, and are excited for letting it all play out!

    (This post is subject to change, but I will make a note if anything major is changed.)

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