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    How to get "points" for the new trait trees?

    Ok, someone posted this in the beta forums but they've been wiped. I hope someone else who is in the know can answer.

    How do characters get points for skill trees in the new trait system?


    -After some level, you get a point every two levels. So we guess about 45 points coming just from leveling.
    -Virtues and their deeds will remain largely untouched and won't contribute to trait tree points

    Confirmed by others:

    There is some kind of deed system that after you complete some objectives in the Helms Deep Battles (maybe related to the epic quest/battles?) you get a point. I have heard there are 5 points available from this.

    Generally understood:

    That at lvl 95 there will be about 65 points available (this is good news, since all 65 points allows for more flexible traiting)

    My Question:

    65 points minus the 5 from Helms deep, minus the 45 from leveling, leaves 15 points. What are the other deeds/accomplishments that give trait points? Does anyone know for sure? I seem to remember that completing the old class deeds (ie the three books for your class) does it, but again, that was from beta forums and those aren't accessible anymore.

    Anyone know? Thanks for reading!

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    Oops, found this thread.


    This topic can be closed, if a moderator sees this.



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