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    Quiet Death bugged?

    So, today I got rank 8 and got my quiet death dagger, I was looking forward to the morale drain so tested it on a creep, with endless attacking I still didn't get one heal from it. Checked combat analysis, not giving me the heal, anyone else have htis? (The damage effect works but not the heal)

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    BUMP !

    I have also tested this Olog and its not working for me either.

    Anyone else ?

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    It does work, every now and then.
    The morale boost is called demoralize iirc (on the phone at work atm).
    The problem is it only heals around 70 morale. Nothing special.

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    Same for me. Damage part of the effect procs, but not the heal. Must have been messed up with one of the last updates.
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    like all morale drains, it wont heal you past your maximum morale. So if you are testing it on a creep thats not hitting you back, the damage will proc but it wont show the heal since you are at full morale. Try testing it on a creep thats atleast autoattacking back to see if the heal goes off.



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