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    LotR: War in the North (on sale on Steam today for $5)


    It only got a meta-score of 66, but for $5 it might be worth a try. It does have co-op play.


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    I personally thought this was a great game to play. It's fantastic with 2 other players. Good solo too but the AI can screw up quite a bit.

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    Decently fun game, although it's quite buggy and with my copy at least the last level lags so hard it's completely unplayable. Something to bear in mind before you decide to buy it.

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    I played through it, it's ok, nothing special but fun. It was a play once and put on shelf game for me though.
    That being said it's definately worth 5 bugs.(Oh hey there nice freudian slip of me seeing how i'm at work)
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    I'm right here.
    i bought it off amazon for $14 just last week ><

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    I have played War in the North earlier this year and its a solid game.

    But it gets boring rather quickly. Tons of enemy waves and execution of same skills over and over...

    Its quite difficult also even on normal. You can get frustrated rapidly due to inability of save freedom. Checkpoints only.

    Some areas are really annoying , F Example. When you play as Melee dwarf and cant kill archers, they just nuke you down since your damage is poor and you have to rely to your allies.

    Its very linear , very little exploration and side missions.

    Some bugs and really crazy lag on last level - Carn Dum which is very well designed as most of other areas. Art is exceptional. Even better then LOTRO.

    Overall is a fun , but just for one play. This game had huge potential , too bad it wasnt executed better.

    I give this game 6.5 add 7.0 if you are LOTR fan.

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    Really? Wow 5 bucks. I can't believe that. I bought it for 60-80 bucks Feb 2nd on it's release date and it was worth every penny. I love it! I don't play it much anymore but that's because I maxed it out in the first weekish lol. FInshed the game on legendary like 5 times, got +1,000,000 coins, and only have one achievement left to get. Did all that in like a month, lol. I love the game. The combat is unbelieveable, it's not really lore-breaking, the story is epic, and it's LOTR!!!

    85-90/100 at least!



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